Amazing & Real Sound Fonts

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Sound Font.sf2 GM / GS library with more than 2 GB  of Sounds

For all kinds of genres and musical styles!

309 instruments in 194 presets plus 16 different  drum sets!

For your midis or sequences to be heard professionally without expensive keyboards or sound modules!

Includes free advice to edit your midis! How to put lyrics on your midis and kars

Compatible with GM / GS


Demos and Tutorials (Click Here)


Listen to some Amazing.sf2 demos.
Acoustic Guitar, Steel Guitar, Brass, Trumpet, Trombone and more...


The cost to recovering of this incredible GM / GS Virtual Sounds  library is

$70.00 US Dlls.


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System Requirements
Windows, Android and Mac: Minimum 5 Gb of free hard disk and 2 Gb of RAM recommended


Important notes:
Prohibited to duplicate, edit, copy, sell, resell, or exploit in any way
Amazing & Real Sound Fonts without the written permission of the copyright owner.
* Intellectual property protected by international copyright laws.

The cost of recovery of this product is due to the time and knowledge we have invested in the work of editing, compilation,
evaluation, optimization and commercialization of the same.

* "Windows", "Android" and "Mac" and their logos are registered trademarks by their respective authors.

Here they are mentioned only as reference to the product without commercial or profit.


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Copyright ® 2022 Alejandro D'sther


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